Parody gay orgy with troopers from Star Wars

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On route to try and free Hans (not so solo), Luke is caught by troopers and very quickly he learns what feeling the force is all about. This is a five man ‘Parody Orgy’ offering, and staring Hector De Silva, a newbie to the adult gay parody scene, Luke Adams and Paddy O’Brian, who is an exclusive star, and two gay star wars troopers.
Luke Adams (Luke) is in the middle of a fight with the terrible homosexual troopers. He decides on a cunning plan and gives himself up to the troopers. Instead of taking him to Vader, they decide to punish Luke themselves with their thick, hard weapons.

One of the gay troopers, Paddy O’Brian, takes his helmet off and tells Luke that he is tired of fighting – and kisses him softly on his lips.
As Luke kisses him back, his hand goes down his body and strokes his seven inch cut dick. Paddy gets Luke to go down and give him a blowjob, Luke does as he is told and feels his cock twitch in his pants as he sniffs Paddy cock, and then takes it all into his greedy young mouth. Paddy leans against the wall with his back to it and moans with pleasure as Luke squeezes his balls whilst deep throating him at the same time.
Paddy calls over the first gay trooper from Star Wars, Hector De Silva, who has been keeping guard and Luke is offered his cock to suck too. After sucking on their throbbing dicks, Luke stands up and Hector and Paddy rim his juicy asshole and take their turns in fucking his sweet ass. Luke sits on the floor and watch with his mouth open as cum spurts out of their cocks onto his tongue, face and chest.
After they have finished ravaging his sexy, hard body, Paddy O’Brian tells Luke that he is now one of them and that he will take him to the rest of the unit.
As Luke enters the room, the five mysterious and muscled homosexual troopers are still dressed in their uniforms, but their dicks are out and they are having a gangbang. Luke tells them it looks like fun, and he is allowed to join in.
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Luke strips naked once again and sucks on every trooper’s hard cock before he is put on his hands and knees. Luke’s ass is still wide open from the fucking he has just got, so he has no problems as he feels the first of the five cocks enter his sweet ass and fuck him doggy style. Being the true slut he is, Luke can feel his cock throb a few times as he is spit-roasted on his knees. Luke takes cock after cock and the troopers can’t seem to get enough of his him as they drill him deep and hard.
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A trooper sits down with his cock standing proudly up. Luke is made to sit down on it whilst the troopers stand around them stroking on their hard dicks as Luke rides that cock up and down. Luke grunts and groans and with a dick still deep in him, his cum bursts out of his cock in a hurry, and splashes on the trooper’s leg and floor.
Luke lies down on his back and watches as every one of the troopers splashes their hot cum onto him one by one in a fantastic cum-bath scene.

The Parody Gay Pornstars

Hector De Silva is a Spanish newbie and he looks like a young and dashing George Clooney. He has a trendy brown hairstyle witch matches his designer beard and crystal clear blue eyes. Hector is a passionate top, has a seven inch cut cock and is five feet seven inches tall.
Luke Adams may not be an exclusive star to the parody show, but he did win the best new comer to porn in 2015. He is young, sweet and got a fantastic firm bubble butt. He is a versatile bottom and has a seven inch cut cock; he has short brown hair, cheeky green eyes and is five feet seven inches tall.
Paddy O’Brian is an exclusive star to this gay porno site and has been in eighty porn movies for them so far. He is an English top with a seven inch cut dick; he has brown hair, hazel eyes and is five feet eight inches tall. Watch more Gay Parody Porn at

Straight porn star Landon Mycles gets paid to be gay

Published on knows how to film dirty old men with younger, good looking men and ‘Str8 To Gay’ loves to show you it all for your deepest, darkest desires. In this hardcore episode, Dennis West plays the dirty old gay man and Landon Mycles plays the shy young straight man who just needs that bit more experience.
Dennis West is in his garden trying to persuade Landon Mycles to take his towel off, and do some work in the garden and inside the house, totally naked. Landon feels awkward about it, especially as his nephew is a good friend to him. Dennis takes him inside and takes Landon’s towel away from his waist, leaving him standing naked in front of him and showing off his hairy chest and muscles. Dennis grabs a hold of his limp dick and tells Landon that all he wants is to give him a blow job. Landon isn’t too sure at first becoz only girls have looked at this penis, but Dennis persuades him to lie on his back on the bed and get ready for some pay to gay action.

It doesn’t take long for Landon to realize how right Dennis is as he feels his hot breath over his str8 cock head, and then he groans with excitement as Dennis covers his dick with his mouth and deep throats him. Landon’s cock gets hard as rock almost straight away which makes Dennis suck on his gay cock with ever more fervour than before.
Landon rolls over onto his side and as he sucks on Dennis cock, Dennis spreads Landon’s ass cheeks open with his hand, and then teases his asshole by tickling his entrance with his fingertips, making Landon want more.

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Landon gets onto all fours and bites the pillow as he feels his Dennis’s cock slapping against his str8 to gay asshole. He shouts out with unadulterated pleasure as he feels his asshole splitting wide open as Dennis pierces his entrance with his fat cock, and slides it all the way in up to his ball sack.
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Landon shoves his ass backwards in perfect timing to Dennis’s hard and furious thrusting, which sends Dennis wild as he feels Landon’s tight asshole clamp tight around his invading cock as he carries on humping his young hole. Landon feels on the edge of blowing his load as his cock throbs almost painfully to be released, the whole time he is getting his ass drilled by Dennis eight and a half inch dick. Dennis turns straight to gay porn star Landon Mycles on his back as he deep fucks his ass in the straight to gay men position. Neither Landon, or Dennis West hold back as cum flies out, and thick dollops of heavy scented man spunk land on Landon’s hairy masculine physique.
Dennis West has starred in twelve hardcore gay movies that you can see on, including playing Hans (not so solo) in the fantastic ‘Star Wars A Gay xxx Parody’ movie. Dennis is a mature versatile man and has an eight and a half inch cut dick which he loves to squeeze into tight young men’s smooth assholes. He has brown hair, blue eyes, and is five feet ten inches tall.
Landon Mycles is a good looking, smooth faced young man with a muscular hairy body and a fantastic fuckable asshole that gets paid alot of money to do gay porno scenes. His body is so great, he has a workout video for you to watch on YouTube, the more we can get of this sexy man, the better. He is six foot tall with short blonde hair and sexy blue eyes you just want to get lost in. He is versatile and has a six inch cut dick, but it looks a lot bigger than that. Landon has been in nine hardcore str8 to gay movies for the adult tube and we shall soon see him fucking his way through ‘Men At Sea’ parts 2 and 7.…

looking at gay parody porn

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You can find all that you want when you look at gay parody porn. Young men, short men, Athletic men, Twinks, Smooth, Hairy, Old, Asian, Interracial, The list goes on and on. You can even get ‘first time fucking.’
Everyone remembers their first time getting fucked, or even doing the parody gay fucking, I certainly do, and it wasn’t that long ago either.

parody gay pornI am young, fit and I have been told, good looking. I was standing at the bus stop (I was still living with my parents) when a slightly older man looked me straight in the eyes as I got on the bus. My eyes are chestnut, and his where dazzling blue. They looked so goddam sexy that I found it hard not to look at him. He smiled at me, so I smiled back. He was actually making my cock begin to thicken as I looked at him, it was like he had a power over me, and he knew it. The bus stopped, and I got off thinking he was going to follow me. Imagine my disappointment when he stayed on the bus, but still smiled as he went on his way past. I didn’t know this man, and had never seen him before, but I felt like my heart had been ripped out. I didn’t understand it at the time.
He wasn’t on the bus the next day, or the next, but just as I was going to give up on seeing him again, he was standing there on the Friday as I got off the bus. He smiled once again, and I felt life blowing into me. He took me to a public toilet, it smelled rancid, but I was excited. We went into a cubicle where he kissed my soft lips. I kissed him back, and all though I was still a virgin, I was humping his leg like a dog on heat. He smacked my ass and told me to strip naked.

I did as I was told, and he stripped naked at the same time. His cock was thick, and I went straight down and suck on it like I had been doing it all my life. God it tasted so good. He moaned out gently, trying not to make too much noise. He then got me to turn around as he licked and fingered my virgin ass. I actually shot my load without touching my cock, but thankfully it stayed hard. He then sat down on the toilet seat and told me to sit on his cock, he was gentle with me, but I wasn’t so gentle back as I bounced up and down on his lap with his cock deep inside me.
I met him a few times afterwards, sex in so many public areas, and it was so exciting. But that’s another parody story. Anyway, I got onto this subject through thinking about ‘gay male porn’, and so, after watching a couple of young guys getting fucked for the first time on the internet, I shot a huge load of cum, and afterwards I fell asleep and dreamed about cock and assholes. And the man with the blue eyes……